The success of any military operations hinges on the availability of reliable and secure communications. ST Engineering’s Integrated Communications Systems offers seamless and interoperable communications among various forces equipped with diverse communications systems. It integrates disparate communications systems to facilitate interoperability among different parties and enables commanders to carry out effective command, control and coordination during mission planning and field operations.

Vehicular Integrated Communications System (VICS)

VICS is a versatile, rugged and reliable integrated communications and network solution for military and paramilitary applications in harsh tactical and mobile environments. It is suitable for deployment on both wheeled and tracked combat vehicles, as well as naval/maritime vessels. The VICS is a full IP system that facilitates the convergence of voice and data (including video) services for cooperative engagement in mission critical operations. It serves as a unified communications platform to provide interoperability between heterogeneous communications systems (IP and non-IP).

  • Applications
  • Key Benefits
  • Key Features

VICS units are designed to optimise size, weight and power, making them ideal for deployment on tracked and wheeled combat vehicles as well as small marine vessels.

  • Unified communications based on open architecture design
  • System survivability and reliability
  • System scalability
  • Secured communications
  • System management
  • Small form factor
  • Dual ring infrastructure
  • IP-based integrated voice and data communications
  • Distributed power supply
  • Enhanced voice services (eyes-free and split-ear operation, intercom)
  • Alert systems
  • System redundancy
  • Rich radio functionalities (radio conferencing and control, access and monitoring of radio nets, private radio)

Shipboard Integrated Communications System (SICS)

SICS is an IP-based integrated communications system designed to suit the mission-critical needs of today’s navies. Designed for lean manning, the system optimises inter-connectivity, survivability and interoperability. It enhances situational awareness through centralised management of disparate communications systems and devices, resulting in enhanced operation efficiency and incident response.

  • Applications
  • Key Benefits
  • Key Features

SICS is ideal for various types of naval ships such as frigate and landing ship tanks.

For smaller ships, we also have the Small Form Factor VICS for Vessels to meet your operational needs.

  • Unified communications based on open architecture design
  • High survivability and availability
  • High system scalability
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Satellite and radio communications (ship-to-ship, ship-to-air, ship-to-shore communications)
  • Intercom (point-to-point conferences, radio monitoring and split-ear function)
  • Data communications (radio network, WAN and LAN)
  • Voice logging, public address and alarm systems
  • Smart switching – provide automatic selection backhaul link