Developed to suit various operational requirements in the Defence, Public Safety and Maritime sectors, ST Engineering’s Integrated Communications Systems integrate all your communications needs on a single platform regardless of radio frequencies, bands, networks, systems and devices. Its scalable design makes it suitable for various deployments ranging from single operator setup to complete end-to-end operations. Harnessing open system architecture, the IP-based Integrated Communications Systems enable seamless interoperability with disparate communications systems, optimising your overall investment.

Integrated Communications Systems

Solutions of ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems)

ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) is a leading solutions provider for intelligent transportation, public safety & security, smart ICT (Information Communications Technologies), cybersecurity and defence systems. We have developed innovative products for these core business areas with patents granted for some of the technologies deployed in these products. We adopt the latest technologies in our solutions and build partnerships with our clients to deliver innovative and value-added solutions.

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